Weight loss diets

So many patients have come in recently asking for diet advice. It is one of the most common complaints and is shared by men and women and young and old. The American diet is full of all the wrong things. Our lives are so busy and full of stress. I recently reviewed the literature to see which of the popular diets are most effective. Across the board in multiple studies and reviews Weight Watchers was ranked #1. Also in the top 5 were the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, TLC Diet and the Dean Ornish diet. It is important to remind people to see their doctors to evaluate for medical problems leading to weight gain; such as thyroid abnormalities and Type 2 Diabetes which requires medication and special diets. Once these problems are ruled out and you are given a clean bill of health you can start a healthy weight loss program. Remember all programs should include a diet program and regular exercise. 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week is recommended. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS




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