Health benefits of Yoga


I am constantly giving out advice about healthy forms of exercise. I often recommend a walking program for patients who have not had an active lifestyle. Walking is a good aerobic workout and does not require expensive equipment. 10,000 steps a day is a great goal to set for yourself and has been shown to improve health. Another exercise I encourage people to try is yoga. Yoga is a 5000 plus year practice. It combines strengthening and stretching poses with special breathing and meditation.  There are many different forms of yoga. It helps to take a beginner class to be taught the poses and breathing.  The intensity can vary quite a bit depending on the style of yoga so you want to be sure it matches your fitness level.

Benefits of yoga include improved emotional health; enhanced strength, flexibility and balance;  lessened  back pain; enhanced fertility; improved cardiac health; eased  symptoms of asthma;improved  pain from arthritis and  even improved sleep. There are many other positive effects to yoga. It is felt that the majority of it’s benefits are achieved by the deep level of relaxation that you can attain by participating in a regular yoga practice.

Yoga should be combined with a good aerobic workout for maximum benefit. You may have to try different forms to find the right one for you. But I encourage you try  a Hatha class, it is the most common form of yoga. I have been amazed by the impact on my life that yoga has had. ENJOY!

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