Nature…..peace and quiet

I have really enjoyed our special weekends at the ranch. I really treasure the quiet. It has brought we so much peace. I wake up early and grab a cup of coffee and then head down to the pasture. Connecting again with nature has been a real joy. Watching the ranch come alive is my favorite part of the day. As the sun rises and all the animals start awakening the ranch is filled with birds singing, bees buzzing and the wind rustling the trees. I love the ripples on the pond, the sunlight streaming through the trees, the bright wildflowers growing along the road and the hay swaying in the meadow. I am so grateful for God’s amazing love and peace in his presence. Learning to stop long enough, turn off all the media devices, quiet all the noise in our heads and listen takes some practice. It is in the quiet and the stilling of our thoughts, surrounded by nature, that we can let go of stress and draw closer to Him.
10 Simple Steps to Living Stress Free
1. Spend time with family and friends
2. Exercise regularly
3. Simplify life
4. Focus on accomplishments
5. Don’t dwell on problems, stay positive
6. Avoid alcohol and drugs, decrease caffeine and high fat foods
7. Meditation and prayer
8. Laugh
9. Serve others, volunteer
10. SPEND TIME IN NATURE-watch a sunrise, visit a park or gaze at the stars!!!!

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