Gardening for stress relief


Gardening has been a fantastic stress relief for me. I planted my first garden this spring and it has been a great experience. Studies support the health benefits of gardening. Van den Berg showed in the Journal of Health Psychology 2011 study that people lowered their cortisol (a stress hormone) and reported an improvement in their mood after just 30 minutes of gardening

I have found it so calming. I loved the planning and planting of the seeds. The digging in the dirt allowed me to practice mindfulness. I could enjoy nature, put aside the phone and worries and enjoy the sun, the breeze and the bees. I felt such a sense of accomplishment when the first green shoots started to grow. Then you water, weed and fertilize the new plants and watch them grow. And when I picked the first yellow squash it was like I had struck gold.

So remember gardening as a great way to get healthy, reduce stress and grow healthy vegetables for family and friends!

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