Hands Free Living

san-diego-vicki-camera-043Technology overuse has been shown to have many ill affect on children and teens. Current research is revealing an increase in stress related illnesses anxiety and inattention. There are also reports of decreased sensory and motor development . Teens that have heavy use of technology show back pain, obesity, distraction, poor sight and hearing and poor sleep.
as with all things it is important to find a balance. It is important to put technology free space back in our lives. Learn to embrace the quiet. When you stop the steady flow of sensory input from your electronic devices you can see things much clearer. It reminds us to be grateful for all of our blessings. Venture outside to enjoy a tech free day. Reconnect with family and friends and enjoy conversation and laughter.
So Remember keep it simple!
1. Unplug devices
2. Connect to people and nature
3. Relax
4. Embrace gratitude
5. Protect your children by limiting exposure to technology

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